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Resume Design and Personal CV

A personal profile, also known as a CV summary, is the opening statement of your CV. It is a short introduction which outlines your personal characteristics, telling the prospective employer what kind of a person you are, the attributes and qualities that you possess and the work experience that you have.

Your personal profile is not the place to be humble; it is your chance to be noticed and tell the potential employer exactly who you ‘really’ are and what you can do for them.


A CV is there to win you a interview and it should be written with only that objective in mind. Apart from applying for jobs, a CV is also useful for: Reminding you of what you have done in your career. Helping you to identify any weakness in your skills, work experience of qualifications.


University & College Applications.

you’ve done the research, you’re pretty confident that you’re going to get the grades you need, and you’ve finally concluded that studying abroad is right for you.

Congratulations: you’ve made one of the biggest – and hopefully most rewarding – decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life. Now all you need to do is get into the university of your choice...

Of course, this can be a very daunting experience. But fear not: if you keep your wits about you, then there’s no need for this to be any more than an administrative hassle!

To make the whole process a lot easier, I can share my advice on how to make university applications as painless as possible.

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